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 Notes from Clan Meeting May 7th

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Patrice Cournoyer
Patrice Cournoyer

Notes from Clan Meeting May 7th Empty
PostSubject: Notes from Clan Meeting May 7th   Notes from Clan Meeting May 7th Icon_minitimeSat May 21, 2011 4:31 pm

Amazon Celt Meeting May 7th

at the Great Hall


Elsbeth, Alyosha, Patrice, Bejonias, Athena, Arwen

Discussion of:

Roleplay (the Assassin)

Land (Spring and summer changes)


Rideouts and Diplomacy

Roles for Clan

1. Roleplay

We were brought up to date on Athena's clothes being recovered and the ongoing mystery of the assassin who has shot at Sung and Arwen. Also noted the sighting of a fat Bear and a Badger.

2. Land

Patrice mentions that the coastline of our land has lowered somewhat allowing sailing around the whole island. Alyosha was pleased. We discussed possible crops and decided against having vines for wine as this is better obtained through trading ((for RP)).

3. Housing

After some discussion it was suggested we make a list of the current members of the Clan, Warriors and Villagers and where they live, and would like to live. Bejonias and Patrice will collaborate on this list, please contact either.

4. Rideouts and Diplomacy

Rideouts will continue, the next will be a return to Alexandria (May 10). We will try to find out what we can do to interact with them. Trade items were discussed, and it is acknowledged that we need Olive Oil, and Wine. We can trade Wool, Mead and Pine trees. More suggestions are welcome. Rideouts will happen every other week starting after next Tuesday (ie the next after that will be May 24).

5. Roles for Clan

It was suggested that Warriors and others could have a "peaceful" occupation including skills as well as their Clan one. EG Patrice could be Warrior, Healer and Fisherwoman. The last would be to make trade and to interact peacefully with others. Bejonias has made a list to help with ideas, it is attached, of Skills for the last item.
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Notes from Clan Meeting May 7th
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