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 Notes from Clan Meeting March 5

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Patrice Cournoyer
Patrice Cournoyer

Notes from Clan Meeting March 5 Empty
PostSubject: Notes from Clan Meeting March 5   Notes from Clan Meeting March 5 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 06, 2011 12:13 pm

Amazon Celt Meeting March 05 2011
at Great Hall


Bejonias, Elektra, Elsbeth, Mee, Kaileena, Patrice, Alyosha, Sung, Thel

Notes taken by Patrice

Meeting started at 12:07 SL time

First item was warm welcome to new recruits, Alyosha, Darcie and Taalitha

Second discussion of Village hut allocation (all are occupied) and reminder to use the work areas in the sky for such things as pose stands and so on. Those are allowed insiden Huts. Also a reminder to clean up Arrow Stands after hunt or combat.

Third notes on RP from BJ:

" Bejonias (bj.tunwarm): The purpose of this sim is for role play for Amazon Celt. When clan members are in sim they should have their Spell Fire meters on, be properly dressed and in character. The only exception to this is sky boxes over 350 meters. Everything below 350 meters is a role play area, including personal huts."

"If there is a *short* term situation were the clan member can not be involved in the role play, they should were an Out of Character tags (OOC). OOC avatars are expected to not interfere with role play. There will be events that are Out of Character. This can only be declared by a clan officer and must announced to the Amazon Celt main group."

These notes will be added to the notices at the dock, which are now up to date.

Fourth discussion of Recruitment. All clan members are encouraged to greet and interact with visitors and explain our RP.

Fifth discussion of the Book of Spells RP, and the possible presence of a Puma vicious cat beast. A chance that the last clue (necklace) will be discovered next Tuesday.

Sixth Vyctoria and Patrice are appointed to the Amazon Celt High Council.

Seventh discussion of the onset of Spring time and the change in climate, Mead supplies and Firewood. Mead is low but lots of firewood thanks to Sung.

Meeting adjourned and there followed meeting of the High Council.
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Notes from Clan Meeting March 5
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