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 The world of the Amazon Celts

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PostSubject: The world of the Amazon Celts   The world of the Amazon Celts Icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 6:07 pm

The world of the Amazon Celts 6816604298_c72b702da8_b

What the Amazon Celts think the world looks like.

People who consider themselves Celts for from the British Islands to Iberia, France, Northern Itally, Southern Germany, parts of the Balkens and a group called the Gallicans in what will be central Turky.

The Germans are called "Spear Shouters" because apparently the world "German" is a Anglicized Latinisation of a Celt word for "people who talk to their spears" The early Germans were noted for doing this before a fight. Germans are a splinter group of the Celts and a confederation of tribes called the Tuetons is considered really bad news to everyone, even the Romans.

Most of the place names are the Celts translating the worlds literally. Except people they regularly deal with like the Greeks. Greeks live in Red Faced Island.

Hibrysil is some island in the western sea that supposed to be paradise and were the Basque catch and endless supply of cod. The Spanish and Portuguese explores named the country Brazil after it.

Not born privilege was I. What I have I won with my own sword arm
So rush in dogs and die, for I was a warrior for before I was a chief
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The world of the Amazon Celts
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