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 The clan ride out of 9-23-09

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PostSubject: The clan ride out of 9-23-09   The clan ride out of 9-23-09 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 24, 2009 11:50 am

Elketra, me, Elsebth and Rare set out to explore the world. Receiving an invitation form Emmy the Roman we took ship south to that city to long the subject of tales and concern among our people. She meet us pleasantly at the docks on the river Tiber and the city guards conducted themselves towards us without complaint.

In the city proper Emmy showed a market made of buildings three times the size of our great hall and each building filled with smaller room were merchants sold their wares. Many fabulous and curious things were sold there form all over the world. They even had a man who sold cups of hemlock to the Romans! What a curious custom.

The Emmy showed large cats called lions in cages. While I have seen and fought such beasts in the southern deserts this a first for many of my sisters. Afterwards Emmy showed us a whole building for just bathing. It was big enough the entire clan could live in it comfortably and all people did in it was wash themselves! Civilized people for you, odd.

After that we bid Emmy of Roma farewell and traveled to the horse farm of AKK were sister Rare bought a fine horse. Elketra was quite impressed and amused by a donkey and vowed to buy one at some time.

We then traveled on to the land of Aryador that Elketra had heard tales off and wanted to see herself. The locals warned us that the land was dangerous and we should be on our guard. Forewarned we strung our bows and loosened our swords in their sheaths. What we found were twisting canyons and caves filled with ruins, pools of poisonous mists or burning earth. What plants we found seem to strike at us with their thorns. Once a ball of fire flew at me seemingly for the very sky itself! However we safely made the passage without injury to ourselves or our mounts.

On the other side we came to a bridge and farm were there was this strange and oddly slender woman. Her face was covered in tattoos and she called herself a sorcereress and a servant of the lord who ruled that land. We talked and I asked did she know of any way to cure the madness She said she knew not and whished us luck. We parted ways with her and retuned to our home.

We all decided Aryador is a interesting place and may have a clue to help us end the evils that beset our lands. We hope to travel there soon.
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The clan ride out of 9-23-09
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