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 Boudica - Warrior Queen of the Celts

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PostSubject: Boudica - Warrior Queen of the Celts   Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:13 pm

The Warrior Queen of the Celts.

During the years of 43 AD to about 410 AD of the Christian Age, the Romans occupied a major part of Great Britain, known then as Britannia. Its rule comprised all of the south island of the frontier with Caledonia.

Their rule was first established as Aulus Plautius came with an invasion force in 43 AD and from there on, they move higher to the north.

In 60-61 AD, there was a major revolt. The Iceni rose against the roman rule, lead by its Queen, Boudica.

Boudica was married to King Prasutagus and as he passed away, in his will, he tried to let half of its kingdom to his widow and half to the Roman Emperor Nero. So he hoped that the remainder half would be left untouched by the Romans and ruled by Boudica.

But Rome violently seized all of the Iceni´s lands.

Boudica protested and Rome´s answer was one of force and brutality. She was flogged and her two sisters raped. Also all of her possessions were sized.

Then, Boudica – Queen of Iceni by right – guided an upraise against Rome. She managed to ally the Iceni and the Trinovantes and together they moved on against the Romans.

In their revolt, the Iceni destroyed and torched down the cities of Camulodunum (Colchester), Londinium (London) and Verulamium (St Albans).

Boudica conducted an army of about 230,000 people….and lead them in her chariot, with her two daughters behind her. She was pictured as a tall woman, of long red hair down to her hips…..with a harsh voice and a piercing glare….and an intelligence superior to many men.

Her battle was one against the brute force of Rome… revenge her honor and dignity, as well as of her daughters.

She was defeated by the Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus.

Her death is unsure….some say she died taking a poison after her last battle.

The name Boudica derives from the celtic word Bouda, which means victory. And Boudica would be the feminine adjective – boudika -, meaning victorious.

Love and Light,

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Boudica - Warrior Queen of the Celts
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