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 Mead Brewing in our Basement

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Patrice Cournoyer
Patrice Cournoyer

Mead Brewing in our Basement Empty
PostSubject: Mead Brewing in our Basement   Mead Brewing in our Basement Icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 11:40 pm

Sisters we have set up Mead Brewery in the basement under the Great Hall, a lucky discovery by Bejonias that the dust and spider droppings have created the right conditions for delicious MEAD to brew. All you need to add is Honey from the two nests, one is in our New Forest, follow South from Silk's cabin, past the arena, the other is near the Otter Pond. Add water from the well, and prodution goes on. So far Bejonias, Patrice, Elektra and Mee have all got a barrel, and each barrel yields 12 strong horns!

((The numbers above the brewery tell how many barrels are available and what percentage is produced.. the other things are in Spanish "delisioso Hidromiel" for example is "delicious Mead".))

Mead Brewing in our Basement Mead_p10

Patrice and Mee enjoy the results of our work

Mead Brewing in our Basement Patric10
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Mead Brewing in our Basement
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