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 AC Ranks and Roles

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Elektra Fride
Elektra Fride

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RP Character: Warrior
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PostSubject: AC Ranks and Roles   Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:19 pm


Commander: Elektra Fride
2nd in Command: BJ Tunwarm
Emissary: BJ Tunwarm
High Council: Elektra Fride, BJ Tunwarm, Mistress Celt, Kaileena Aeon, Margarita Ceawlin
Officers: Kaileena Aeon, Margarita Ceawlin, Mistress Celt, Euphrasiafrazer Ferraris, Selsey Seelowe, BJ Tunwarm, Elektra Fride
Warriors: Sister Warriors
Rangers: Captain- Elsbeth Silverspar


Recruits: Those that sign up to join the Clan. This is a separate group from the Main Amazon Celt Group.

Initiates: Those that enter into main group and are pending on full membership. Membership will be granted after an evalutation period be it warrior or slave.

Rangers: Any clan members, both male and female, who wish to partrol and protect the clan. Will only wear this title when assigned patrol duty and is under command of Ranger Captain and Commander. This ranking is below Warrior status.

Villagers: Are all members of Amazon Celt (AC) that are actively roleplaying and community living at the Amazon Celt sim.
The Title Villager is given in place of the role names to follow for there is not enough room in group to have a title for each role. An extra title can be made and given to wear with Village role if requested (similar to the visitor tag) Villager status will be granted upon an interview and approval from clan leaders.

Clan Elder: The members of clan that have been with clan for a long time and occasionally come to visit and stay but do not wish to carry a specific role or title.

Druid Priestess: Spiritual leaders of AC clan
Druid Priest: Spiritual leaders of AC clan

Healers: The healers are to assist with Clan members in need of medical attention

Gypsies: Clan villagers that practice the nomadic lifestyle and tell fortune

Apprentices: Those in training for higher roles of importance

Scribes: Those in charge of recorded history

Bards: Poets, singers, musicians and storytellers of Clan

Stone smith: Those that have the skills to build

Blacksmith: Those that have the skills to forge Iron and take care of Herd.

Weapons smith: Those with the skills to forge clan weapons

Seamstress: Those with the skills to make clan clothes

Slaves: Slaves that are either owned or come seeking safety, are to work the fields and serve the clan for their keep.

Friends: Title given to all that wish to visit and be connected to us yet not taking on a full Village role. This is within the main group.

We are open to many ideas and wish to enhance the creative freedom of our members as long as the rp exists within feasible percpective of Historic 150BC Celt Communities being run by Amazon women!

We also have a RP Management Group that is incharge of specified Events and RP. Please submit your requests for character and rp ideas to this group for permission. This is for extensive rp storylines that will affect the clan.

** We are currently working on creating proper roles so this may be subject to change soon**

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BJ Tunwarm
BJ Tunwarm

Character sheet
RP Character: Warrior
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PostSubject: Re: AC Ranks and Roles   Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:40 pm

I can also suggest these sub-roles for Clan Friends

Villager Roles:
Farm Hand
Stable Hand
Weaver (worth it if you have some talent making clothing)
Carpenter (worth it if you have some building talent)

Clan Friends Roles
Intranet Merchant (worth it you selling stuff in the market)
Wandering Scholar (looks at Sung)
Refuge (looks at Viktor)
Ambassador from another kingdom/clan

We don't all have to be the great and mighty.
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AC Ranks and Roles
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