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PostSubject: Amazon Celt Rules   Amazon Celt Rules Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 12:22 am

This group, also called Clan/tribe is full RP. We take this Very seriously. This means when joining on free will to this group you will accept all the rules written of and by the Amazon Sisters of the Celt.

1. Entering SL Amazon Celt realm, means you will be in RP whatever you do and ends when leaving the realm.
2. Joining means activity in this group. (Important rule)
3. All rules will be accepted and followed. If refusal to comply or acts of misconduct are commited, your membership will be tried and possibly terminated under ruling from High Council.
4. Changing the role or title of your character is only possible by decision of High Council and is subject to review.
5. Firearms are not allowed, only bow, spear, dagger, sword and axe are allowed (Iron age weapons).
DCS and Spell Fire are meters used.
6. When entering roleplay always greet others and enter conversation with consideration of the roleplay in action. Always be polite and respectful.
7. When leaving SL from group members it will be done when out of sight *re: walk away, out of sight before logging offline*
8. When first joining the group you will be a restricted member. After showing true interest you will be a full member of the Clan.
9. Joining the group as Warrior or villager means that you will spend some time together with your Sisters/Clan members. Members who rarely show up or are always too busy for this group will be set down in rank. In that case, this will be done by the vote of the High Council.
10. When the results of the Clan council or votes are equal, the Commander will give the final decision, unless she isn't present, then the decision goes to the Commander 2nd.
11. All group members will work at their roles to help enhance RP.
12. Full members/recruits can be terminated or set back in rank when High Council agrees so. Based on investigation and trial and vote.
13. All travels will be recorded and stored in Clan Library/Scribery.
14. Only women can hold rank in the clan. It is an Amazon world. Men can only hold positions as villagers (various roles assigned),slaves or friends of the clan, in title and role play.
15. These rules can change. It will be posted in the group list. Warriors may give reply within one week.
16. There is a high council of 5 Sisters. This is a position of responsibility held in tryst. All decisions regarding the clan are made within this High Council. Members are sworn in by vote of HC. Requirements for this individual are full group dedication and participation with over 1 year of service to clan as high ranking member.
17. OOC= Out Of Character IC= In Character you may use brackets ((blah blah blah)) as such to make OOC comments. IM's can be OOC. Or any OOC talking text tools.
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Amazon Celt Rules
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