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 PLEASE READ: Monster Hunt Rules

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BJ Tunwarm
BJ Tunwarm

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PLEASE READ: Monster Hunt Rules Left_bar_bleue50/50PLEASE READ: Monster Hunt Rules Empty_bar_bleue  (50/50)

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ: Monster Hunt Rules   PLEASE READ: Monster Hunt Rules Icon_minitimeWed Sep 30, 2009 8:56 am


No Flying*

All heroes are to select "human" for race on the SF meter*

If you die wait for the five mine count down before resetting.

If you crash rejoin the hunt at the crash point or the landing.

Magic use only by previous arrangement with Amazon Celt leadership (this is a low fantasy sim)*

Please minimize the use of radars and scripts to reduce lag for other players.

The monsters are allowed a certain level of cheating for balance.

Remember this is for fun and RP. That means allow monsters a chance to gloat or boast if they try to.

* The exception to this will be with previously established avatars; ie Peloponnese Krakkens.
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PLEASE READ: Monster Hunt Rules
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