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 2-1-11 week Clan schedule

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PostSubject: 2-1-11 week Clan schedule   2-1-11 week Clan schedule Icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 6:52 pm

2-1-11 Monster Hunt: Face the draug and attempt to slop the Ice Witches curse.

2-2-11 Bridget's Day: Codex of Acheron Role Play: wrest the Mask of Fear from the Daughter Plagues servant.
Ceremony to mark the mid point to the Spring Solstice

(this preempts Wednesday Sparing)

2-3-11 Tavern Night: Come drink and sing at the tavern. Good to time for new people to meet the clan.

2-7-11 Warrior Sparing. Practice arms in the arena. (may change due to RP or RL)

On going:

Codes of Acheron Role Play: be on the watch for the Ice Witch, wandering Draug and help deal with Arwen's curse.

Nocros and the Fool's Bargain. What strange secret is Norcos hidding?

Also at some point a clan ride out.
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2-1-11 week Clan schedule
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