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 First attack of the year - Clan lost one lamb

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Kaileena Aeon
Kaileena Aeon

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PostSubject: First attack of the year - Clan lost one lamb   Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:26 pm

BJ spots a wolf on the land...

The wolf sees a lone baby lamb...

As the wolf escapes with lamb, it is seen by the amazons while at their camp..

BJ bravely attacks the wolf...

Amazon Mee jumps through the air, as she shoots over her back an arrow into the wolf's hide...

Wolf chases BJ to the edge of the clif...

BJ falls almost unconscious, one hundred feet into the cold sea...

...and the wolf follows her.. (heheh)

The wolf sinks to the bottom as BJ kills it!

BJ throws the wet furry carcass in front of her Sisters with victory!
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First attack of the year - Clan lost one lamb
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