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 Odd flower and evernt that Follow

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Vyctoria Silvercloud
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PostSubject: Odd flower and evernt that Follow   Odd flower and evernt that Follow Icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 10:12 pm

As i speak of this to you, sisters, so many nights and days have passed...and we did not realized how events might did not seem of much importance at the time...yet, events themselves will show you how important they became.

Well, all begins.... as...
This afternoon, i met sister Thel at the infirmary.
She was with the odd flower, but it was about to die as its magic seemed to fade.
After some talk, i asked her to show me the spot she took me to the Henge.
There, I summoned my staff and an arcane circle over the spot, but i could sense nothing.
Not even the usual magic of the Henge was there.
It was a completly blank spot.
I tried to move a big arcane circle into the blank spot, but i could not.
Some just would not touch the ground.
Thel also placed a blood red crystal and it just grow enourmous and started to rotate.

Nothing seems to make sense to us.
So, she told to make this scroll and send it to you.
Still, i came to the shrine to pray for guidance.
Yet the Gods have not spoken to me.
I also sent a dream to Usineach, asking them to seach about the odd flower in the library scrolls. But it might take long time for an answer to come.
These words i have written, so we shall remember,
Vyctoria, High Priestess of Amazon Celt
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Odd flower and evernt that Follow
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