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 Litha Celebration or Midsummer or St John´s Eve

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PostSubject: Litha Celebration or Midsummer or St John´s Eve   Tue Jun 15, 2010 9:46 am

Small Introduction
Litha is a celebration derived from the various forms of midsummer celebrations.
At this time of the year, happens the longest day and the shortest night -
the summer sostice, which happens near June, 21st. At this day, the Earth is
closest to the Sun and it gives us its most stronger exposure.
As such, midsummer celebration are themes of sex, love, creativity, energy, luck,
health and wishes.
In magical sense, it brings us to the halfpoint of the Wheel of the Year. As the
Sun shines at its peak, its rays cast upon us energy, banishing shadows and bringing
forth true.
For the Healers, in special, it is a most unusual data, since herbs are at their most
potent state. This is the time and gather and dry herbs to use over the rest of the year.
It is also associated with the nativity of John the Baptist, and celebrated as
St. John´s day.
It is a day for celebration and festivities, when huge bonfires are lighten and dance takes
places during all the night.

Hope you Enjoy it. Vyctoria
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Litha Celebration or Midsummer or St John´s Eve
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