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PostSubject: CELTS AND ITS ORIGINS   Fri Dec 25, 2009 4:38 pm


Origin of the term Celt: The first reference to this term was done by the greek historian Hecataeus of Miletus in 517BC; as he refers that the city of Massilia (Marseille) is near the Celts (Keltai or Keltoi, in greek).

Origins: Several reports suggest that Celts were a Mediterranean people first established in southern France, around 11,000BC. Later on, they spread through Italy, Spain, British Isles and Germany.

Clothing: log-sleeved shirts or tunics and long trousers. Clothes were made of wool or linen, and some silk by the rich. Winter clothes were mainly cloaks. Several brooches and armlets were used, and the most popular one was called torc.

Weapons: They consisted mostly of a long bladed sword.

Warefare: Some studies report that Celts used to fight naked. There are also several reports that Celts had a reputation as head hunters. The head was venerated among the Celts as the source of the soul, of the emotions and life itself. Some reports indicate that the recollection of one´s head and placing it again on one´s body would restore its life and full health. Women played leading roles in warfare and kinship, as well as ambassadorial duties. Posidonius and Strabo both described an island of women where men could not enter for fear of death.

Map: Picture of a map describing the localization of Hallstatt (c. 800-475BC) and La Tène (c. 500-50BC) cultures. (

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