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 Eldar's Tale

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PostSubject: Eldar's Tale   Eldar's Tale Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 9:46 am

As per Lacey Fradel

Listen sisters to the tale I tell.

In ages long ago the Elders of the Gypsies foresaw a time when the Gods of lore would strike at those that worship them with powers that were unimaginable.

With stealth and guile the gypsies roamed all the lands through out the world, collecting the tools the gods did use and whisked them away, hiding them from view.

For generations untold, they guarded their keep, to save the world from uncertain fate. But the gods did not forget what the gypsy elders did.

Together they stood, on palaces high, looking down on the world below. They cast their powers unpon that earth, to shake loose their stolen tools. From the deepest caves, to the oceans deep, these treasures have become unsettled from their hiding places.

They send their agents on a quest to retrieve the tools the gypsies keep.

It's up to all who care, to find these treasures before the minions of the mighty get their share.

Hunt the lands and dodge the beasts, fine the 50 treasure keeps.

((There are forty Tresured Powers of the gods each numbered with distinctly named power of the gods inside your mission should you decide to accept it is to find the tresures that the gods shake the very earth to find. no tresure remains in same place twice so constent hunting of land with dedicated diligence will be requred to seek out all 40! First to retrive these missing treasures will be champion of the Gypsy elders and recive a years supply of wine)
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Eldar's Tale
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