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 Last nights monster attack

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PostSubject: Last nights monster attack   Last nights monster attack Icon_minitimeFri Dec 04, 2009 5:57 pm

Yesterday, after returning from a meeting with a neighboring clan, I was horrified to find the fort in disary and covered bodies. It was related to me that in the course of the evening the fort was assualted in several waves of creatures, with Elketra and Nine leading the defense. By my own eyes I saw the bodies of a minotaur, several ghouls and, most unsettling, a dragon. There was this particularly odious long eared, stalk eyed creature among the dead that was reported to have gone around screaming "me so angry" during the fight. I shudder to think of what hell spawned that creature.

Athena was gravely injured during the fight with one of the worst gut wounds I have seen in my life. Fortune smiled on us when ship carrying General Nikolia and his myrmidons arrived on the docks escorting an Egyptian embassy on its return their homeland. The Priestess Kat, a skilled in the arts of medicine treated Athena's injuries and she is recovering nicely.
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Last nights monster attack
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