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 12-1-09 Monster Hunt

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BJ Tunwarm

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PostSubject: 12-1-09 Monster Hunt   Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:35 pm

Last night beast hunt was fierce and bloody. We faced, in turn, a werewolf, demon, orc and troll. The orc proved to be both odious in smell and difficulty to face due to its mindless, screaming rage as it ran threw the fort in a berserk rampage. However, we stood are ground and fought side by side with our allies the Peloponnese against these creators and our arms prevails. Our valiant leader Elketra herself chasing the foul orc into the caves and slaying it with her own sword.

As it was we were presented with many puzzling signs; winged people were seen in the fort and the demon screamed that Hades would feed on our souls. The Priestess as warned us a new darkness is crossing the land and I fear the winter here will be harsh and cruel. However we shall not despair, we are the Amazons, a hard people used to living in a harsh land, We will prevail.

Tell then, come to the north gate of the fort and see the head of the orc that Elketra did claim as her prize from last night.

All hail the Amazon Celts!
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12-1-09 Monster Hunt
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